Eunice B.

Huntley, IL

I had a great experience working with Alyssa. She was very knowledgeable, super friendly, and very motivating. It was great having her come to my house as well. Would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to make a change in their lifestyle. Her guidance on nutrition along with expertise in all things fitness gets results.

Susan F.

Barrington, IL

I have been working out twice a week with Alyssa for a little over a year now and it has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! She challenges me and I am so much stronger than I have ever been. I also have definition that I never had before.
I had worked out with Patrick who trains my friend before I committed to signing up and he is wonderful as well. I highly recommend Weightloss Transformation... You can't go wrong!

K D.

Hampshire, IL

My mom and I have been a client of Patrick's for almost three months and it' has been pretty awesome. I have seen my body change in a few short weeks by building muscle and eating healthier. Patrick has personalized each workout so I am continuously challenged and pushing myself to new limits. One of the best wellness decision I made for myself and my mom was reaching out to Weightloss Transformation. Thanks Patrick for being flexible with your schedule and dedicated to helping
me making improvements with my wellness and health.

Sirena C.

Roselle, IL

My husband and I have been working w/Trainer Patrick and we really enjoy it! The fact that he comes directly to our home has helped tremendously since we both work full-time and have children, so it makes it hard for us to try and get to a Gym. Both of our energy levels have increased and now we're motivated enough to train for our 1st Warrior Dash 5K (being in our late 40's & early 50's) that will be a huge confidence booster! Thank you Patrick for all your hard work & dedication to working with us!

Kate M.

Lake Zurich, IL

I met with Patrick at the start of the year and started my "Weightless Transformation". The flexibility of the program and support of Alyssa, the personal trainer I am working with have taken away the excuse of "I don't have the time" to take care of myself. Alyssa is amazing and so supportive. She comes to my house at 5AM so that I can start my busy days off right. She supports my physical fitness goals and is always there for positive feedback, questions or concerns. I never thought that making that first phone call would have the positive effects it has had, but thanks to Alyssa and Patrick I am improving my health and fitness. I would highly recommend this team!

Kate H.

Woodstock, IL

I don't need a photo to show that my overall wellness has improved since working out with Patrick. While my numbers prove I'm getting fit, how I feel is the best measurement for me. If you told me two months ago that I'd be doing 100+ push ups in a one hour workout, I would have laughed at you. Weeks later, we're doing that and so much more! There are no excuses when your trainer comes to you. Yes, having a trainer come to your home is a great benefit, and that benefit is multiplied when you look forward to his visits! Patrick motivates us, considers our personal goals and wellbeing when he plans our workouts, he encourages progress and celebrates our successes. He's a trainer I look forward to seeing come through the door - seriously! And on days we're not scheduled for a session, his trainings have motivated us to workout on our own, and report in to him. Even when he's not working with us, he appreciates hearing from us and encourages from a distance. I have been physically active my entire life. Working out with Patrick reminds me why I started years ago - it's not only good for you, it's fun, too! Thank you, Patrick!!

Autumn B.

Schaumburg, IL

Patrick and his trainer, Alyssa, are great! They are both very knowledgeable and professional. The warm, welcoming, and friendly personalities of the trainers are exactly what you want from professionals who will be coming into your home. They have been understanding, flexible, and accommodating while still holding me accountable. Who could ask for more? I've had other trainers before that worked for large gyms, but this in-home personal training service is unbeatable! I feel like a celeb without paying celebrity prices.

Karin Q.

Algonquin, IL

I've been working with Patrick for three years, and feel Patrick and his team bring the best of the best to me. Patrick is always positive and encouraging. He pushes me more than I push myself, and the results are consistent and rewarding. He works hard at helping me to set goals and stay accountable, and he works within my physical restrictions. The workouts change so I'm not bored, and he comes to my house which is a huge time saver.

Summer A.

Schaumburg, IL

Patrick and the personal trainer in my area met with me for an introductory assessment before starting the training. This really helped me prep my body so to speak, by working on my nutrition before the hard work started. Alyssa is my personal trainer and she is awesome! She really pushes me to work hard and helps me stay accountable. I've had my mom join on several sessions and she's able to switch up the routine so it works for both of us. I've been working with Alyssa for less than two months and I've dropped a pant size! I cannot say enough good things about Weightloss Transformation because they are truly dedicated to helping you succeed!

Maulin P.

Schaumburg, IL

From the initial consultation to completing the first week of training, I've had nothing but a great experience working with Patrick and Alyssa. The both of them have been extremely motivational in terms of my workouts and nutrition. Alyssa does a phenomenal keeping the workouts fun and engaging! Being an informed consumer is about the only to really get what you're looking for in terms of services and I've done nothing but ask questions throughout the entire process. Patrick and Alyssa have been so great at responding back in a timely manner and being extremely thorough with their responses. If you're really looking to turn your life around and get help with training, look no further!

Marie F.

Lake in the Hills, IL

I'm so happy I chose weight loss transformation! Working with the owner Patrick over these past few months has been exactly what I needed. My workouts are challenging and he's extremely motivating. Patrick provides valuable information for me to make life long changes for my health and fitness. I look forward to my workouts as I can see my progress in exercises that I never imagined my body being capable of. Not to mention the results I see in the scale, the mirror, the fit of my clothes and most importantly the changes Ive made mentally with the boost of confidence that's come from all this hard work. He's an amazing coach and I've met others in his team that are equally dedicated. Don't wait, the time passes, might as well do something productive!

Susan R.

Lake in the Hills, IL

I'm so happy that I chose to work with Patrick. He is out of this world committed to his clients. I've had many trainers in the past, but Patrick goes above and beyond what I expected.

Tracy V.

Independence, MO

I have been working with Patrick for several months now. Reaching out to him and his team has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made! In just a few weeks I began to see a change in myself, both physically and mentally. I lost 40 pounds in just over three months! To Patrick, it isn't just about the numbers on the scale, but educating his clients on the importance of eating healthy and developing a realistic workout regimen. Give them a call!

Jane D.

Cary, IL

I would agree with the comments from the previous reviewers. I will add that as a professional I have very little time at home so any time that I can save is very precious. It really helps that my trainer Alyssa can come to my house to motivate me to be healthier in the midst of balancing my career and family. She is helping me to become stronger thinner and confident. Also, very fair prices for the services received! I would highly recommend them if you are serious about improving your workout and nutrition.

R H.

Elgin, IL

Patrick and his team at Weightloss Transformation are fantastic. Years of trying to get healthy and in shape were a failure. Gym memberships did not work. I realized I needed someone to knock on my door to make sure I did what I needed and to keep me on track. The convenience and personalized attention have been great. Patrick's knowledge is amazing and he lives what he preaches. He has tailored my plan, helped me set goals and assisted with formulating a correct diet. In 4 months I am down more than 20 pounds. More importantly I feel energrized, healthier, and happier. Only regret is that I wasted years on big box memberships instead of choosing Weightloss Transformations earlier.

Laura J.

Hampshire, IL

My husband and I are truly blessed to have found Patrick! He is genuine, what he preaches is what he practices! We preferred to workout in our home at a reasonable cost and Patrick fit the bill! Let me tell you he is very prompt (scary sometimes on how prompt) and reliable! If you think you don't have the energy to workout Patrick can be very motivating and he makes it fun with his great sense of humor!!! He leaves you with encouragement to workout in between his sessions and loves to get texts with pictures of your workout results. Just beware.......he checks your wastebaskets that are in the area for junk food wrappers!!! 🙂 You gotta love him! He meets you where you are at in your personal health issues and knows how far to push you. If you are looking for a fun but very productive workout than Weightloss Transformation is for you!

Corrine O.

Lake in the Hills, IL

I don't enjoy working out in a gym environment. I need that accountability to stick with my routine. I have signed up for classes before and then stopped attending. The fact that Alyssa shows up at my house keeps me from being able to blow it off. She's a great motivator and makes me feel like I can do any exercise she gives me. My exercise plan is customized to meet my strengths and weaknesses. The routines are changed each time so you don't get bored. I will walk day and night, but I wasn't great about my weight training routine. I prefer to have someone keeping an eye on my form so I don't cause unnecessary pain to myself. This is by far the best investment I've made to improve my over all body appearance and get my strength back to where it should be.

Jane F.

Barrington, IL

So happy to have found this company. Everything is totally personalized to fit my needs and we are working together to increase my fitness level each week. I leave feeling fit and motivated. Beyond my training sessions I have great back up from Patrick and Alyssa. Highly recommend you try this no matter what your fitness level is - just get started you will be so happy.

Adrienne K.

Palatine, IL

Patrick is a wonderful trainer. He understands how to work with older people to get the very best you can give each week as you become stronger. He pushes you only as far as you can handle.

My husband and I have lost weight, learned new techniques wonderful recipes for nutrition, and learned sets of exercises that allow us to continue to improve in between sessions. Patrick will also adapt your regimen to any situation you might encounter. When I recently suffered a condition that put me at risk for a retinal detachment if I elevated my blood pressure too much, Patrick designed a custom set of exercises for me during my recovery period. He's very thoughtful and knowledgeable as to how the exercises benefit your body.

Most importantly Patrick coming to our house weekly is such encouragement. He's so personable and interesting. You can tell it's more of a calling than just a job for him. And the convenience for us is enormous. He trains both of us, at the same time, using the same exercises! It's remarkable! And quite economical, if you consider what individual memberships at gyms, and individual sessions with other trainers would cost! Patrick has been a wonderful find, and we enjoy our sessions immensely. We would recommend his services without reservation.

Mark D.

Fox Lake, IL

I used to weigh 283 pounds, wear a size 46 pants and XXL button down shirts with tight undershirts to help hide my man-boobs. The tight shirts weren't fooling anybody. I was miserable. I knew what I should do but I could get motivated. I couldn't stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. I realized I couldn't do it alone. I began working with Patrick from Weightloss Transformation back in February 2013. We have worked together on and off since then. I've taken private sessions with him, group classes, and currently couples sessions in my home. Patrick has coached and encouraged me through successes and failures during this time. He has always stayed positive and pushed me even when I didn't think I had it in me. I learned the importance of nutrition and preparing my foods in advance. I learned what to buy at the grocery store and what to order in a restaurant. By no means is Patrick my only source of nutrition and exercise knowledge. Today I search out, read, and listen to a ton of other experts as well. But Patrick keep me accountable. He asks me what is my plan for dinner, or what is my workout tomorrow and follows up with how I feel? I saw success in my weight-loss because somebody was there with me to show me how to start and stay with it. Today, Patrick comes to my house 2X a week to train my fiance and I and we love it. We are both teachers and love the connivence and look forward to doing something healthy together. We focus on cardio, strength, and nutrition.

Today I weigh 175, wear size 33 pants, and have confidence I never thought I'd have! EVER! I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for over 2 years. I know I am responsible for my lifestyle change and losing weight but Patrick was there to guide me. Thank you Weightloss Transformation for helping me change my life! If your ready and serious, I highly recommend!

Nancy M.

Crystal Lake, IL

I tried to lose weight on my own for 6 months before I contacted Weightloss Transformation. I was sick of being overweight and not feeling healthy. I wasn't sure where to begin so even though I had already seen several nutritionists, I decided to start there. I looked at several profiles and none of them seemed right. As I scrolled through profile after profile, I came across Weightloss Transformation. I read about the trainers and how they not only offer assistance with nutrition but they have a personal trainer come your house AND bring the equipment to you! With my job and commute consuming anywhere from 14-15 hours a day, this was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I called that day and spoke with Patrick. After speaking with him, I scheduled an appointment that week. I will never forget our conversation that day because he said if I decided to take this journey with him, he would change my life. I started my journey the following week and he really has changed my life! I never stuck with an exercise routine with any consistency. I took yoga and Pilates classes over the years but it was easy to make excuses when my days were so long. It's one of the reasons I didn't join a health club, it's too easy to make excuses not to go. I knew if I did this for myself, I had to fully commit and Patrick would help me to stay accountable. I am a 62 year old female with health issues, medication that makes it extremely hard to lose weight, not to mention the age factor. I am down 12 pounds, doing it the healthy way, getting stronger both physically and mentally. The biggest payoff, I love to exercise! Who knew? My advice, if you are stuck, unhappy and want to start a healthier lifestyle, contact Weightloss Transformation.

Jordan D.

Schaumburg, IL

I started training with Weightloss Transformation the beginning of June. I decided to hire them after our initial consultation. They were the first company I met with and I had planned to meet with a couple other people before making my decision. However, after the initial consultation, I felt like they were a perfect match and I liked them so much I cancelled the others and started 2 days later with them! It has been a little over a month and I'm very happy with my results and my trainer! I've lost 12 pounds and counting. My trainer, Geoff is great!

The reasons I would highly recommend Weightloss Transformation:
My trainer is always available, even outside of our sessions, to answer questions.
He works with me on what to eat.. which isn't easy because I eat a plant based diet. He's always willing to help me find vegan protein products!
He comes to my apartment and we workout at the club house gym which is VERY CONVENIENT!
I like that he holds me accountable and he encourages me along the way.
I always leave our sessions feeling positive and motivated to keep up with the diet and exercise on the days I don't see my trainer.

I wouldn't have accomplished everything I accomplished without them! I'm very happy I decided to hire them and I would recommend them to everyone! They are definitely worth the try!! You won't be disappointed.

Andie K.

Crystal Lake, IL

I've been working with Patrick now for the last 7 months and it has been one of the best decisions of my life!! I have struggled with my weight my whole life - like since the 3rd grade. I had gotten to the point that nothing else had worked and I thought that it was either this or I was going to have to finally accept that I was never going to have the kind of life and body I wanted. Patrick changed all of that. He constantly encourages me and has helped me change the way I look at food and exercise and made me realize that this is a journey, and not a quick fix. He holds me accountable in a good way and pushes me when I would wimp out and just quit. He focuses not only on exercise but also nutrition and habits that will make me successful. And one night when I was whining that I didn't know what I was going to make for dinner because I didn't have anything healthy in the house to eat - he walked right into my kitchen and made me dinner and proved me wrong! If you are considering personal training, you couldn't chose a more dedicated partner to be on this journey with you. He is truly committed to your success!!

Heidi G.

Lake in the Hills, IL

Searching in desperation I found my answer in weightloss transformations! My trainer Patrick is one of the most hardworking, supportive, inspiring people I've ever met. He is so much more then a trainer. He becomes an artist sculpting your body with personalized exercise routines. He is a therapist that changes the way you look at food, exercise and what you can achieve. His workout sessions are just as much for your mind as they are for your body. He gives you an easy to follow nutrition plan with new recipes to try every week. Coming to my house takes the issue of actually making it to the gym not an issue or excuse.
Patrick is always there for me when I need him. He texts me to remind me to choose happiness that day which means to get my workout in or stops by with a green tea and a hug when I'm feeling down. He's always inspiring me to do better and believes in me when I don't believe in myself.
Early on in the beginning of our training I wanted to cancel a workout because I was tired and wanted to stay in bed. I texted Patrick 20 mins before he was supposed to walk through my door saying I couldn't make the workout today. You'll never guess what he did.... he called my bluff and said that he knew I didn't have anything else I needed to do since I was canceling this short of notice! He told me to get out of my head, suck it up and he'd be there in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later he was walking through my door with a smile on his face. You may think that was a crazy move on his part but that was a turning point in our relationship. This is why he is my answer! This is why I haven't given up! Patrick won't let you fail! He is there to help you every step of the way. He invests everything into his clients which is why he is so successful in his transformations.
I am down 30 lbs in just a short amount of time and feeling stronger, more energetic and healthy. Everyone around me makes comments on how good I look which hasn't happen in over 8 years. I'm wearing pre pregnancy jeans (comfortably) after 4.5 years of trying to lose all the weight I had gained with my son and never lost until now!
I was depressed, fatigued, suffering from fibromyalgia, and so unhappy until I found Patrick. He's greatly improved my life for the better. I still have a long journey to go but now I know I can achieve my weight loss and life goals of being fit and healthy. Thanks to Patrick and his support.
If you are serious about wanting to transform your body, mind and life for the better call Patrick! I promise you won't be sorry. He's my answer and I know from experience he can be yours too!


Marty G.

Lake Zurich, IL

We are in our sixties, and both of us have battled with obesity for decades.

Having three beautiful daughters, and four amazing grandsons, we decided to do something about our weight and general health.

We found Patrick and his team at Weightloss Transformation on Thumbtack, and it was so easy to schedule a free session and assessment in our home.

Knowing that our trainer Lauren would show up twice a week, and would check up on our nutrition and exercise on the web site "My Fitness Pal" has motivated us to behave.

We quickly eliminated harmful foods, and replaced them with lots of green vegetables, and low-fat, high protein meals. Not only have we improved our diets, and started a regular exercise program; it is all done from and in the comfort of our home.

Both of us have a joint session for the price of one. With our Trainer Lauren's expertise, she has developed an exercise plan that addresses our age, and other limitations.

The Great news is we are losing weight, reduced body fat, lost inches from our chests, waists, hips and thighs. We both feel stronger and have more energy to interact with our children and grandchildren.

Even though she pushes us to increase our capacity to handle an ever-growing workload in our sessions; we really look forward to her visits.

Weightloss Transformations is a great Workout and Nutrition plan that WORKS!
We highly recommend Patrick and his team of Trainers!

Jessica M.

Crystal Lake, IL

I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Patrick and Weightloss Transformation that I would still be the miserable, overweight girl that I had been for the last 10 years. I thank God every day that I stumbled upon Patrick's website. One of the first things that caught my eye was that he and his trainers come to you. How great is that? You don't even have to leave the privacy of your own home (or work) to get a great workout in AND you don't need a full gym to do it. They bring everything you need. I was always the type of girl who never wanted to step foot in a gym. You seriously couldn't pay me to go to one as I never felt comfortable enough. Just the thought of it made me sick to my stomach. With Patrick and his team, that's no longer an issue. I don't have to worry that people are staring or that I look funny or may not be doing something the right way (i.e. new exercises) because I'm in my own home and there's no one judging me (except maybe my dog). Besides coming directly to you, Patrick and his team provide accountability (something that I definitely needed). He gives you nutritional advice and also a sample meal plan to help you along the way. He also watches what you're eating to help make sure you stay on track. The best part is you never feel like you're on a diet or deprived (because you're not), it's just a lifestyle change for the better. It's not always easy, but he's there to help and guide you each step of the way. You get to the point where you not only want to make yourself proud, but you want to make Patrick proud too. With every pound you lose, he's as equally excited (if not more) as you are. He is 100% committed to your weightloss transformation and provides you with encouragement, motivation, patience, reliability and the dedication you need to get through it. He will make you stronger both physically AND mentally. I seriously don't know what I would do without him. He's made me a better person. I look great, I feel great, I'm happier, I have less headaches, more energy and I finally like ME (and I'm not even done with my transformation yet). I never thought I would say this, but I always look forward to our workouts. It feels A-MAZING to burn over 500 calories in an hour. Even when I work out on our "off" days, when I want to give up or quit, I hear Patrick in my head ("only 10 more" or "you can do it") and it helps me push through. If you think you only have a personal trainer on the days you see him, think again. Patrick will check in on you on your "off days" and he always encourages you to reach out to him to let him know when you've completed a work out or if you've made a good eating decision or when you've dropped a pound or two. He's like a proud parent...haha. Well, if you've made it this far into my review, you're probably feeling the same way I did. Stuck, depressed, helpless and unmotivated. Do yourself a favor and contact Patrick today. Today could be the first day to rest of your life 🙂 I can't thank Patrick enough! I am truly thankful and blessed to have him in my life. He's an amazing person, trainer and friend. If you are unhappy with your weight, give Weightloss Transformation a call. They will literally change your life for the better. The only regret you'll have is not hiring them sooner. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Madison M.

DeKalb, IL

I was in need of help and desperately searching trainers across the web I found weight loss transformation and I loved everything the company stood for!!! I took the leap and set up a meeting with Patrick. He spent over an hour talking with me about his program and how he is dedicated to help and guide people to a better lifestyle. I have been training with Patrick for over 3 months and 32lbs down so far! It also is so convenient that Patrick comes directly to my door. I gave Patrick my availability and he accommodated that! After the first session I was completely in love with Patrick! He is not the typical trainer. He is so down to earth and truly does what he loves. On days I don't want to work hard he doesn't give up on me although I try giving up on myself. That means so much to me! He gets so excited with every pound I lose and not only the weight but my mental change as well. He has guided me to a better lifestyle just as he promised and I'm so very thankful for him. Anyone wanting to train with Patrick or his staff will not regret it I promise you that. I hope this review helped! It truly came from my heart.

Brooke S.

North Center, Chicago, IL

Patrick, Ashlee and Sara have been instrumental to my husband and I finally getting on the right path. The moment we met Patrick, Ashlee and now Sara they identified our goals, came up with a rhythm that worked and all in the comfort of our home. We are parents to a 3 year old and for years were at odds with finding time to focus on ourselves. We focused on being mom, dad, spouse, friend and family member, but putting ourselves first didn't happen. Now, through at home training, consistent accountability we have figured out better balance. I've lost almost 20 pounds, two pant sizes and many inches. Sara pushes me, challenges me and makes workouts that are fun, yet intense. I never knew I would love boxing. Most importantly she cares and holds me accountable through visits, texts and MyFitness Pal. We've purchased multiple packages and will continue to do so. We just love Weightloss Transformation because of the awesome people and the impact it's had on our lives. We are thankful.