Angela Antioch, IL

My Husband and I have been working with Jordan for just over a month now. Our experience has been great. We look forward to our workout days with Jordan. She has a very professional and comfortable style that works for us . We love having the option of working out in our home, it makes it so easy. Every workout is different and exciting. We both are feeling strong and healthier already. Looking forward to more results as the months pass!

Julie Algonquin, IL

Angie, our trainer is the best ever I could have hoped for! She has the kindest personality and takes each client from their individual starting point and brings them to new heights! My daughter is special needs and she has been so very kind and patient. Angie has an advanced degree and is even a certified yoga instructor. I could not recommend Angie more!

K D.
K D. Hampshire, IL

My mom and I have been a client of Patrick's for almost three months and it' has been pretty awesome. I have seen my body change in a few short weeks by building muscle and eating healthier. Patrick has personalized each workout so I am continuously challenged and pushing myself to new limits. One of the best wellness decision I made for myself and my mom was reaching out to Weightloss Transformation. Thanks Patrick for being flexible with your schedule and dedicated to helping me making improvements with my wellness and health.

Sirena C.
Sirena C. Roselle, IL

My husband and I have been working w/Trainer Patrick and we really enjoy it! The fact that he comes directly to our home has helped tremendously since we both work full-time and have children, so it makes it hard for us to try and get to a Gym. Both of our energy levels have increased and now we're motivated enough to train for our 1st Warrior Dash 5K (being in our late 40's & early 50's) that will be a huge confidence booster! Thank you Patrick for all your hard work & dedication to working with us!

Josh E.
Josh E. Cary, IL

This was my first time working with a personal trainer, I had tried different programs on my own in the past and never was able to commit or maintain them. Working with Patrick was a game changer! The benefit of him coming to my house gave me no excuse not to work out and kept me accountable with my exercise and eating. He has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to nutrition and weight loss and I was able to drop 25 pounds in 2.5 months sustainably!

Kate H.
Kate H. Woodstock, IL

I don't need a photo to show that my overall wellness has improved since working out with Patrick. While my numbers prove I'm getting fit, how I feel is the best measurement for me. If you told me two months ago that I'd be doing 100+ push ups in a one hour workout, I would have laughed at you. Weeks later, we're doing that and so much more! There are no excuses when your trainer comes to you. Yes, having a trainer come to your home is a great benefit, and that benefit is multiplied when you look forward to his visits! Patrick motivates us, considers our personal goals and wellbeing when he plans our workouts, he encourages progress and celebrates our successes. He's a trainer I look forward to seeing come through the door - seriously! And on days we're not scheduled for a session, his trainings have motivated us to workout on our own, and report in to him. Even when he's not working with us, he appreciates hearing from us and encourages from a distance. I have been physically active my entire life. Working out with Patrick reminds me why I started years ago - it's not only good for you, it's fun, too! Thank you, Patrick!!

Jean Z.
Jean Z. Woodstock, IL

I cannot recommend Patrick and his company Weightloss Transformation highly enough and don't let the name fool you. Yes, you will get fit and lose weight, but I was looking for something more than that. I am a wheelchair chair bound woman who is working very hard to walk again and wanted to supplement my PT within home training. My trainer Mollie is the best. She comes to my home with an infectious energy and she is always thinking of new ways to try and strengthen my legs.

Karin Q.
Karin Q. Algonquin, IL

I've been working with Patrick for three years, and feel Patrick and his team bring the best of the best to me. Patrick is always positive and encouraging. He pushes me more than I push myself, and the results are consistent and rewarding. He works hard at helping me to set goals and stay accountable, and he works within my physical restrictions. The workouts change so I'm not bored, and he comes to my house which is a huge time saver.

Steve K.
Steve K. Schaumburg, IL

Jordan is awesome! She makes the simplest looking exercises tough and sometimes exhausting. Even working out in my garage gym this winter when it was COLD...I was sweating !! Awesome work !!

Sonja H.
Sonja H. Crystal Lake, IL

I am SO glad I found Patrick. I tried many diets and various exercise “programs” without ever meeting my goals. I was losing motivation and hope that I could ever get my body back after having children. Looking at what Patrick offered I was skeptical, I’ll admit. But we hit the ground running and I haven’t looked back!

The convenience and comfort of being at home is what really sold me. The results I’m seeing is what keeps me going. Jordan is amazing. She’s incredibly personable. She keeps me on track when I try to talk my way through certain exercises. She has great energy that helps get me through those last few seconds when I don’t think I can make it. I needed the nutrition help more than I knew. She’s great about sending me meal and snack ideas when I’m feeling burnt out.

I have not only met my year long weight loss goal with Weightloss Transformation, I’ve surpassed it by 15lbs in only 4mos! I have more energy and overall just feel healthier. Their approach creates results. I couldn’t have done it without the consistency, accountability, and dedication from both Patrick and Jordan.

Marie F.
Marie F. Lake in the Hills, IL

I'm so happy I chose weight loss transformation! Working with the owner Patrick over these past few months has been exactly what I needed. My workouts are challenging and he's extremely motivating. Patrick provides valuable information for me to make life long changes for my health and fitness. I look forward to my workouts as I can see my progress in exercises that I never imagined my body being capable of. Not to mention the results I see in the scale, the mirror, the fit of my clothes and most importantly the changes Ive made mentally with the boost of confidence that's come from all this hard work. He's an amazing coach and I've met others in his team that are equally dedicated. Don't wait, the time passes, might as well do something productive!

Susan R.
Susan R. Lake in the Hills, IL

I'm so happy that I chose to work with Patrick. He is out of this world committed to his clients. I've had many trainers in the past, but Patrick goes above and beyond what I expected.

Tracy V.
Tracy V. Independence, MO

I have been working with Patrick for several months now. Reaching out to him and his team has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made! In just a few weeks I began to see a change in myself, both physically and mentally. I lost 40 pounds in just over three months! To Patrick, it isn't just about the numbers on the scale, but educating his clients on the importance of eating healthy and developing a realistic workout regimen. Give them a call!

Lavanya G.
Lavanya G. Barrington, IL

Patrick is a knowledgeable trainer who is very kind and cares for his clients. I have experienced incredible progress in the four months that I have been training with him that I haven’t been able to achieve through other weight loss programs or diets. Each week the workouts are customized to your body type and planned around your weight loss goals. The energy and the motivation he brings to each session pushes you to do your best. He is consistent, values your time, and is flexible when the need arises. The accountability is huge for me and knowing that he shows up for you each week has kept me on track with my goals. The nutrition guidance is very easy to follow with simple real wholesome food which includes proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables in each meal. No extreme calorie deficit diets or pills involved. I joined right before the holiday season and with all the family gatherings and celebrations, Patrick worked with me and encouraged me to stick to a plan and I lost 20 pounds during the holiday season. Patrick is a wonderful person who I highly recommend.

R H.
R H. Elgin, IL

Patrick and his team at Weightloss Transformation are fantastic. Years of trying to get healthy and in shape were a failure. Gym memberships did not work. I realized I needed someone to knock on my door to make sure I did what I needed and to keep me on track. The convenience and personalized attention have been great. Patrick's knowledge is amazing and he lives what he preaches. He has tailored my plan, helped me set goals and assisted with formulating a correct diet. In 4 months I am down more than 20 pounds. More importantly I feel energrized, healthier, and happier. Only regret is that I wasted years on big box memberships instead of choosing Weightloss Transformations earlier.

Laura J.
Laura J. Hampshire, IL

My husband and I are truly blessed to have found Patrick! He is genuine, what he preaches is what he practices! We preferred to workout in our home at a reasonable cost and Patrick fit the bill! Let me tell you he is very prompt (scary sometimes on how prompt) and reliable! If you think you don't have the energy to workout Patrick can be very motivating and he makes it fun with his great sense of humor!!! He leaves you with encouragement to workout in between his sessions and loves to get texts with pictures of your workout results. Just beware.......he checks your wastebaskets that are in the area for junk food wrappers!!! 🙂 You gotta love him! He meets you where you are at in your personal health issues and knows how far to push you. If you are looking for a fun but very productive workout than Weightloss Transformation is for you!

Marc S.
Marc S. Barrington, IL

I can say without reservation that investing in Patrick’s services for personal training and weight loss has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I’m 48 years old and was really unhappy with how out of shape I had become. Based on a recommendation from our good friends and neighbors, my wife and I decided to hire Patrick. We are each at different levels of fitness and have different goals and objectives but Patrick was able to customize our workouts that are challenging yet fun and never a cookie-cutter workout. He has also provided us with great nutritional advice and education. In the first 5 months of working out with Patrick, my wife and I have lost a collective total of 90lbs. If you are willing to put in the effort, Patrick will too and you won’t look back

Dalal R.
Dalal R. Barrington, IL

Patrick and Weightloss Transformations has helped my husband and I find and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patrick is always professional, cheerful, completely reliable and always has fun and impactful workouts. We would not be in shape we are without his help and expertise.

Heidi L.
Heidi L. Crystal Lake, IL

Patrick is great! He loves what he does and he lives what he teaches. He is a great motivator that get's results. He's never made me feel uncomfortable. He's very professional and always a gentleman. I'd highly recommend Patrick for a trainer. Give him a call! You'll be happy you did.

Jenny H.
Jenny H. Fox River Grove, IL

We love the system Weightless Transformation has provided our family! As a mother with 3 young children under 4 years old, having a personal trainer come to our home is HUGE! Our kids watch me and my husband workout together and even want to exercise with us. I feel stronger and healthier than ever! This system really works. It is consistent, reliable and will hold you accountable towards your goals.

It really pays off too! It is cheaper than having a gym membership with the added costs of hiring a trainer from the facility. You will find that exercising from home is easier and much more predictable/ consistent when you can rely on your personal trainer to show up and get you up and moving.

Patrick is an amazing trainer, mentor and friend. He inspires you not only in your fitness goals, but mentally as well. I highly recommend him and this team!

Kay S.
Kay S. Woodstock, IL

This was a gift from my husband. I really needed help after gaining about 90 lbs due to 40+ years insulin dependent diabetes, insulin resistance, severe sleep apnea, meniscus and shoulder injuries, hypothyroid post thyroidectomy, and menopause. I told my husband that either I do this or I will die.

Jordan is absolutely amazing. She is a joy to work with. She has great fitness and dietary knowledge, is encouraging and pushes me enough that I am making progress without injury.

The exercises are not redundant...we use medicine balls, free weights, stepper, body weight and resistance bands. She sends me workouts to do on my own as needed.

I have gone from 3 lb weights to 5lb and 8 lb weights progressing nicely.

I have increased my daily steps by about 3,000 so far and keep moving the bar higher.

Without Jordan, I would not have seen this progress and would have given up. Instead, I am stronger, building my energy back up, sitting and standing taller, sleeping and feeling much better.

I have a long journey ahead but but the progress is steady and noticeable.

Nick S.
Nick S. Barrington, IL

Patrick is the best personal trainer I have worked with. He motivates, while innovating training routines to work around his clients personal health limitations, and goals. He trains me and my daughter on different days, each program is customized. He is a great coach, and shares his personal nutrition knowledge freely. His positive energy is infectious and helps me push thru barriers in my cardio and strength training weekly. He motivates & leads by example. I highly recommend Patrick and his team to anyone who wants to loose weight, or reach their personal performance milestones.

Sonia P.
Sonia P. Barrington, IL

There are no words to describe the convenience of Patrick coming to my home - I am very busy with two young children and a full-time job. It is so convenient to get a solid workout session in at a time that works with my schedule. Patrick is energetic, motivating and a great person to be around. I love how he is attentive and corrects my form as needed. He also provides nutritional guidance and caters it to my lifestyle (i.e. he provides realistic modifications that I am okay with). And the results!!! Strength training for the WIN!

Holly F.
Holly F. Crystal Lake, IL

Having Mollie in our home has been fantastic. We love the convenience of having someone come to our home a few times a week. She is super accommodating to personal injuries and works with us to design workouts that work uniquely for us. We consider her a friend and love hanging out with her during our workouts 🙂 We're losing weight and inches, she loves to hear what we're making for dinner, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have signed up for this journey.

Sonal S.
Sonal S. Barrington, IL

Patrick is amazing, and he really knows his stuff. As opposed to other trainers that lazily take you through random workouts each session, Patrick creates thoughtful, personalized routines with a clear progression for your goals. I also really appreciate his attention to form and his responsiveness if something doesn't feel right. This is the first time I've seen real results!

Diane S.
Diane S. Crystal Lake, IL

I hired Patrick D. about 4 weeks ago. I can't believe I did not do this sooner. I am already seeing results. He is a great motivator and keeps me on track. I am in it for the long game and taking back my health. Hiring this company was a great way to jumpstart my goals! He also put me on a meal plan that really works for me. If you know you need to make changes and are willing to put in the work, hire this company NOW!